Ready Responders Premiers First Ad

Ready Responders provides quality medical care in a convenient manner: right in the patient’s home! Many of our previous patients can speak to the benefits of our service, but being such a unique service, it can be hard to envision what a Ready Responders visit looks like.

To help you see just how easy and helpful a Ready Responders visit is, we’ve premiered our first video ad. Watch as Ben—our cofounder and a paramedic himself!—helps a young child running a fever. Sitting comfortably on his couch, Ben assess the patient’s health and guides him and his parents through a live video conference with a doctor. With Ready Responders, these parents can be assured that they are getting the best care for their child.

Ready Responders is thrilled to share this ad with the community. Subscribe to our new YouTube channel and keep an eye out as we post more videos.

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