Thoughts from our Patients – Fall 2018

Every season, we like to share some of the wonderful experiences our patients have had with Ready Responders. This fall we are sharing a few excerpts from our valued patients.

Joanna says, “Someone coming around and showing that they are about your health, that they care about what you’re going through, it takes a big load off for me. It really helped me. I feel good. I feel much better.”

Lorrie says, “I have somebody here in my corner that comes in here and takes care of me. This whole organization is amazing and they need kudos.”

Jaime says, “When I called Ready Responders, a medic showed up in minutes. He was kind and helped me get the meds I needed for my sinus infection. It would’ve been a week or more before I could see my doctor.”

If you need medical attention for a non-emergency and would like a visit from a caring health professional, dial 211 and press 9. A friendly and passionate Ready Responder will be at your door to help you get the care you deserve.

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